Contemporary and Sales

You can't get enough of regarding and wish a large-sized high-quality copy to decorate your private rooms or premises?

We're gladly advising you!

Just send an email with your coordinates to and we will respond to find the best motif and fitting offers for you.

Depending on the choice either from those disposed galleries which contain shots for limited sale or from not yet published recommendations, the size and the finishing type, you may purchase a copy (shipment included).

And the fun about it: You make the prize! You send us your offer and we decide to accept it or not! For orientation, the prize should not be below our own costs. And, you can only offer once on a picture! Yet, if you write us the story, why and for which purpose you have chosen this motif, true, fancy, moving, ... it can help to accept your offer! Enjoy! And .. good luck!


An exhibition of selected copies is currently exclusively hosted by Sheida’s Medical Beauty in Cologne (Widdersdorf).