The unique moment

Each single second is hosting myriads of pictures. Yet, only a fraction succeeds to cause the favour of a human eye, due to the individual angle of view, light and composition. They're telling their own story, sometimes even several ones, depending on which compounds might occur. These go seemingly beyond the very facts of the shot and sometimes even to transcendental interpretations.

An open eye is looking for such unique moments to fix and share them as a copy.

The essence of such a moment is hardly reproducable. It's setting is only provided by the given situation, the perspective and the means of the camera. Alone the reflection of the scenario in mind as well as the willingly submitted word of consent at the release retain an elusive symbiosis.

That's exactly what these galleries here shall display. None of the pictures was having an artificial setting, none was treated digitally, except for remittance work or indicated galleries.

By using modern software equipement marvellous arrangements can be created; computer programs are providing amazing to design visual art, magnificient spectacles.

These presented selections are completely abstaining from such means. All these works originated live as it has been and go without supplementary modifications. .

Thus we wish all visitors the pure pleasure when reading about and regarding neat photographies, which will be exchanged from time to time! This is Bio Live Fotografie.